FlightControlReplay – What’s New ?

September 22, 2023 – Summer23 Update Released, with Fly-By Camera [Beta]

Summer23 Update is FREE to all registered users of FlightControlReplay 5, and here is its content detailed below.


  • MSFS FlyBy Camera added [Beta]
  • MSFS HPG H145 Helicopter Advanced Support : lights, doors, engine switches
  • Cut and edit the replay directly in FlightControlReplay
  • File Compression technology : reduced disk space for .FCR user files
  • Enhanced User Interface : 1 new layout added as mid-size user interface, either buttons or icons bar styles now available
  • Enhanced landing report


Awaited by many users of Microsoft Flight Simulator, this brand new Replay feature that was missing is LIVE. You can now watch your own aircraft evolving on ground and in the air from an external camera that follows your position automatically. It works anywhere, with any aircraft and with any add-on scenery during Replay. The User can customize the position, side, angle, distance and length of camera sequence.

During taxi operations, at takeoff or landing, or while you are cruising, fly-by camera mode will jump from a position to another along your flight trajectory to keep your aircraft always in sight with a cinematic performance ! No more hassles in setting a virtual spotter view, a button click and you are set to watch !


For a quick edit of your Replay, to remove a useless part of your Replay, you don’t need a complicated video edition software. Just cut off the part upon your selection. Do you want to forget a mistake ? Or eliminate a parking time of your Replay ?

In just 3 clicks, select when starts and ends the sequence to delete, and SAVE it !


For Users who like to record long Replays, or even complete flights, Summer23 Updates comes with a new compression technology for your *.FCR recording files. The files size is much reduced, and it’s of course without any loss of flight data or visual quality. Save more space on your disk !


The great helicopter of HyperPerformanceGroup H145 V2 for MSFS had already a partial custom support. It’s now extended to provided an Advanced Support for the best accuracy during Replay

  • NEW : lights, doors, engine switches are now also correctly reproduced
  • Since the last March23 Update :
    • Pedals, cyclic and collective
    • Tablet in 3D virtual cockpit can display FlightControlReplay integrated interface for a direct control directly from the simulator.


The customizable User Interface of FlightControlReplay 5 gets a step further. You could already select among three sizes of the layout, set it transparent, or ensure it remains always on top of other windows. Plus, the MSFS integrated interface to let you control the main features directly from your simulator without switching windows.

Now, I added another mid-size User Interface : you can cycle between a reduced version with the Menu, or a reduced version with the feature icons for a quick access still using a limited area of your screen.

July 12, 2023 – FlightControlReplay 5, now also compatile with Prepar3D V6

As promised in the last months, I’m pleased to provide continuous updates to you the registered customers of FlightControlReplay V5 ! This means you have updates, fixes, new features, and here you even get a new flight simulator support added for FREE : Prepar3D V6 is now confirmed as compatible with my Replay and Recorder tool at no charge.

Enjoy the enhanced atmospherics, realistic lighting, adjustable weather, and the multiple new features provided in Version 6 with your existing software FlightControlReplay V5. You don’t even have to update it, it’s already compatible out of the box.

Have an entertaining experience with P3D6 and FCR5 thanks to the included features :

  • User Interface new look
  • User Interface customizable in size + transparency mode + Always-on-top option
  • Ghost Plane to fly in formation Live with an AI pilot
  • MP4 Video Recorder
  • Re-Live Replay of the last 2 minutes and optional Take-Control at anytime back in the past
  • Replay with Automatic Camera change
  • AI Traffic detection, follow, record and replay
  • Play As AI : Replay to simulate formation flight with multiple ghosts (unlimited, 5 aircraft in each instance of FCR software)
  • Camera movements Record and Replay
  • VR environment and headset support
  • Multi-monitors support
  • AI Traffic detection, tracking, record and replay
  • KML file import

March 31, 2023 – MARCH23 Update Released for FlightControlReplay 5, with MSFS and P3D5


The new March23 Update expands again the list of supported advanced airliner add-ons with the addition of both the FlyByWire Simulations freeware A32NX, and Salty 747-400 freeware Mod in MSFS.

Refined improvements for Fenix A320, also in MSFS with 100% accuracy of spoilers, flaps, and gear animations). I also added support of all FCU, lights, APU video Recording and Replay.


About aircraft integration, we start to support the popular HPG H145 helicopter, from Version 2 Build 399.

The initial support includes the reproduction of cyclic pedals, and collective control of the H145.

In the future, there will be a complete integration of FlightControlReplay V5 with HPG products for full animations support during Replay and Video recording. Note that Live Ghost is not supported yet.


This device allows players with reduced mobility to play and control their video games. By adding customized buttons and joysticks, such people can enjoy their hobby with accurate control. For example, you can manage MSFS and FlightControlReplay V5 !

If you configure Slider move Forward or Slider move Backward feature with either Xbox Adaptive Controller, or another standard joystick, and if you keep pressed the button on the device, the slider will now move fast forward or fast backward.


Based upon users feedback, I’m also happy to introduce 2 new features in FlightControlReplay V5:

1 – AUTORECORD : you can activate a new option that makes the Record to start automatically whenever you start a new flight. And the recording sessions also automatically ends when you return to the main menu of Flight Simulator.

2 – and a second handy feature is to set Pause to the recording at the same time when you set a pause in Flight Simulator. This way, you can still check something aside during the Live flight, and you always end with a smooth Recording session in the end without noticing that you had to use Pause.


I’ve been already in touch with Flylillo group to create the first virtual cockpit emulation for XBOX Adaptive Controller. The device of Microsoft will be combined with the HUB software manager Logitech G to help disabled persons for a better experience in flight simming hobby.

That’s a separate and new project, out of FCR scope, but we are trying to find money (with Microsoft and an Italian bank) to fund this inclusive project.

Microsoft officially supports this action, and recently communicated about it with one of their public post about Community Spotlight: Lillo and Roberto – Microsoft Flight Simulator

“Accessibility is one of the core values at Microsoft”, read more about it here.


Ensure to get the latest Replay refinements, performance, and the widest selection of airliner add-ons compatibility : Upgrade your current version 4.5 if your are still using it for MSFS or P3D5.

For more accuracy, a better look, get today the new version 5 and take advantage of the reduced price specially set for you, only EUR 8,25 (+tax).


  • New User Interface (MSFS + P3D)
  • Customizable Size and Transparency (MSFS + P3D)
  • MSFS Toolbar integration and in-game controls (MSFS only)
  • Cinematic Replay with Automatic Cameras Switch (MSFS only)
  • GhostPlane : formation flying live with AI duet pilot (MSFS + P3D)
  • Next gen memory management for performance upgrade (MSFS + P3D)
  • Landing Touchdown Report (MSFS + P3D)
  • Crash-to-desktop recovery
  • Easy setup of the software
  • MSFS users : all included in 1 automatic setup
  • P3D users : the same 1 automatic setup and 2 Microsoft separate packages are required
  • FREE download of the User Manual PDF

Aircraft add-ons with Custom Support in FlightControlReplay V5

  • MSFS
    • PMDG 737
    • Fenix A320
    • Fly The Maddog MD-82 plus MD-83/88 expansion
    • iniBuilds A310
    • Just Flight 146 Professional
    • Aerosoft CRJ
    • Asobo Cabri G2
    • Asobo Bell 407
    • FlyByWire A32NX Freeware A320neo
    • Salty 747-400 Freeware Mod
    • HypePerformanceGroup H145 (from v2.0 build 399) : partial support, including cyclic pedals and collective. Live Ghost feature not supported yet.
    • QualityWings 787
    • PMDG series 737NG, 747, 777
    • Majestic Q400

December 16, 2022 – DEC22 Update Released for FlightControlReplay 5, with MSFS and P3D5

After the public release of FlightControlReplay version 5 last month, for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D 5.x, the development priorities have been oriented towards the most demanded improvements : more aircraft add-ons supported, and improved Replay for smooth and accurate operation.


Unlike the PMDG 737 in MSFS, there were more bug reports from users flying the Airbus A320 of Fenix. This DEC2022 update should significantly enhance your experience, to ensure the best accuracy in the animated parts of your airliner during Replay. FlightControlReplay 5 supports the events of the Flaps, Gears, Ailerons, Spoliers, Reverse Thrust and Slats.


I know that many of you want to enjoy nice views of your airliner during of after the flight session. That’s why I worked to implement the advanced support of new airliners and also the introduction of the helicopters support for the first time in FlightControlReplay 5.

  • MSFS iniBuilds A310 support for ailerons, spoilers, flaps, thrust reversers, elevators and rudder
  • MSFS Just Flight Bae 146 Professional support with flaps, tail spoiler, elevators, flaps and rudder
  • MSFS Helicopter Cabri G2 full support for Cyclic Collectic Pedals Animations and most switches in cockpit
  • MSFS Helicopter Bell 407 support for Cyclic Collectic Pedals Animations


No more exception during activation. Advice : Use always MSFS on the Primary Monitor of your setup in the case that you have various monitors for the display.


New Algorithm Enhancements for Fast Forward and Slow Motion. Now the Slow Motion is very smooth !

More performance, smoother Replay. You can set a target for your FPS setting in FCR options, so you can master the Frame Per Second Configuration. FCR respects the FPS setting value to ensure smooth Replay.


Even the User Manual has been revised for a check of the visuals, and a new tutorial has been added : Replay and Record your glider with the towing airplane in MSFS, by using the Record Multi-Objects option of FlightControlReplay 5.

The management of your recorded flight files (FCR) has been revised to let you choose various settings : a custom prefix in the filename, to let FlightControlReplay 5 generate automatically the filenames upon dates and hour, and the destination folder of your files is also easier to handle when you start for the first time with FCR5.


This update is free for all registered users of FlightControlReplay 5. If you want to upgrade your older program FlightControlReplay v4.5, here are the main benefits for you :

  • User Interface 2022 (MSFS + P3D)
  • Customizable Size and Transparency (MSFS + P3D)
  • MSFS Toolbar integration and in-game controls (MSFS only)
  • Cinematic Replay with Automatic Cameras Switch (MSFS only)
  • GhostPlane : formation flying live with AI duet pilot (MSFS + P3D)
  • PMDG and Fenix A320 MSFS Support (MSFS only)
  • Next gen memory management for performance upgrade (MSFS + P3D)
  • Landing Touchdown Report (MSFS + P3D)
  • Crash-to-desktop recovery
  • Easy setup of the software
    • MSFS users : all included in 1 automatic setup
    • P3D users : the same 1 automatic setup and 2 Microsoft separate packages are required, free download for Windows.
  • FREE download of the User Manual at simMarket.
  • Reduced price upgrade if you own FCR v4.5

November 04, 2022Release of FlightControlReplay 5 for MSFS and P3D5

I am proud to present the new generation of FlightControlReplay, version 5, for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D 5.x.

Have fun, and share videos with your community with a complete tool featuring advanced, innovative and handy features.


The new software is exclusively available at SIMMARKET.com , at EUR 20.00 (+tax for EU Customers).

For any registered customer of the previous version, the reduced upgrade price is EUR 8.25 (+tax for EU Customers).

If you recently ordered the previous version, on or after August 01st, the upgrade price is EUR 5.00 (+tax for EU Customers).


Totally revamped, FlightControlReplay has now a modern design, reorganized layout and icons, and it’s also integrated directly into MSFS toolbar.

Customize the User Interface : 3 different sizes available, transparency mode has been added, Always-on-Top option can be activated.

Do you want more features directly accessible ?

Do you prefer the minimum space on your screen ?

Do you need it always visible but with minimum impact ?

Find the best combination for your personal use, FlightControlReplay 5 also supports VR headsets, and multi-monitors setups.


Keep control of your tool directly from MSFS without leaving the simulator window. FlightControlReplay 5 is also displayed in MSFS and added to the simulator toolbar. Record, Play, fly with a Ghost, move the timeslider directly in MSFS.


Fly LIVE with an AI GHOST right beside your plane. And it will not just replicate your current flight path, it will be impacted by the winds and speeds alteration. Flying Formation has never been that easy ever. The AI Pilot will follow you in the position and with the distance of your preference.

Cinematic Replay automatically switches the camera view when you replay your flight. It will alternate with External / Internal points of view. Options let you set a preference if you want only External, only Internal, or both automatic. Just seat back and watch your flight Replay without intervention!

Monitor your pilot skills at landing : the new Landing Report displays your vertical speed and airspeed at touchdown.

FlightControlReplay will keep included all existing features already available in the current version 4.5 :

  • MP4 Video Recorder,
  • Crash-to-desktop recovery,
  • PlayAI Formation Flying in Replay, up to 5 aircraft in each FCR instance, unlimited possibilities
  • Re-Live Instant Replay to resume a flight from any instant during Replay
  • AI Traffic detection, following, recording
  • Automatic Camera Change
  • In-Game Dynamic Text
  • KML file import
  • Support for major airiliner addons
    • MSFS : PMDG 737 and FENIX A320 (Flaps, Gears, Ailerons, Spoilers, Reverse Thrust and Slats are actually working in Replay mode with FlightControlReplay, for smooth and accurate animations)
    • P3D : PMDG 737/747/777, QualityWings 787, Majestic Q400


In order to ensure the best performance, the core program has been deeply upgraded for less CPU and Memory usage. This gives more power to your Windows system and simulator to provide smooth display with faster Video encoding.

E-mail contact@flightcontroltools.com Hours Do you want a custom version of our tools ? Contact us
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